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Confluence is designed to create easy to deploy online conferences and events. Our platform caters for multiple presentations and presenters, multiple and simultaneous sessions, panel discussions and more. Session chat, Q&A and polling capabilities are included and there are options for more advanced attendee feedback. Presenters, panelists and attendees can be located any where they have a device and access to the internet.
Confluence also has fully featured exhibition and networking features making the platform suitable for online exhibitions, entertainment, launches and numerous other types of virtual events.


Our fully supported solution means that you are able to focus on being an event planner and not a technology expert.


Present your event in a secure, branded portal on your own subdomain.

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A dedicated digital conference producer manages your online conference, pre, during and post event, with a each a human moderator running each sesson. 


Whilst there are many platforms available that allow presenters to be located remotely, they normally require a steep learning curve to setup and operate. Our fully supported solution means that you are able to focus on being an event planner and not a technology expert. Remote presenters can join your conference via a number of methods including popular platforms like Zoom and Teams. This allows presenters and panelists to use a familiar interface they are comfortable with. All our platform features remain and sessions are all accessed in the same way irrespective of the platform a presenter joins from.


A supported solution our humans handle all setup and manage your event space throughout, including live support to speakers and attendees.


Speakers and panelists can join from multiple remote locations using popular interfaces.


Our platform supports multiple and/or concurrent sessions and breakaway rooms.


Confluence server resources scales rapidly and easily for large numbers of attendees.


Brand and event aesthetics are critical to the online event experience. Confluence offers flexible brandability not easily found in other platforms.


Confluence is a responsive web app that can be accessed via most browsers on just about any device. No downloads needed.


All sessions are recorded and available for playback on demand.


Attendee tracking and reporting. Suitable for hosting of CPD accredited events.

create your VIRTUAL EVENT

In addition to the Confluence online event platform, Ampere Virtual offers more virtual solutions to help build your unique online conference or event.


Presenter and/or Panel Sets

• Branded conference presenter & panel discussion environments • Professional lighting setup including ambient ‘stage ’ lighting • Professional audio, including all microphone requirements • Dedicated Videography • Speaker Comfort Monitor • Presenter Timer • All connectivity is included, including backup connectivity • Complete stream file provided post event • Off Grid ie not reliant on Eskom Power


Presenters are captured and inserted into a virtual space

• Green screen studio complete • Presenter Screen (to interact with) • Video Broadcast with embedded presentation  • Integrate multiple presenters from different locations into one environment • Interact with 3D presentations • Virtual set options for presenter & panel discussion • Professional lighting, audio, including all microphone requirements • Dedicated Broadcast Videography  • All connectivity is included, including backup connectivity • Complete stream file provided post event


Live Stream production from different locations 

• On location Camera & Audio embedding setup • Broadcast link & upload to cloud • Visual mixing in cloud • Push to own website, private platform like Confluence, or social media like Youtube, Facebook & Twitter • All connectivity is included, including backup connectivity • Complete stream file provided post event

All of the above with professional technical support, like an in-person conference or event

CONFLUENCE vs online meeting platforms

We often get asked, "but why can't I run my event on Zoom?" Online meeting platforms are excellent tools for internal and external meetings of smaller groups. It's quick to activate and relatively simple to use. For some meetings and even basic presentations these work well. We love them too, thats why we even integrate them for certain session types within our platform! But there are numerous things that meeting platforms aren't designed to do.
That's where Confluence online event space takes over the reigns.




Meeting Platforms

From small groups of 50 attendees to large groups of 50 000 simultaneous attendees


Attendees can easily switch between multiple different sessions and tracks

Interaction of attendees including networking


Completely brandable and options for customisation

Ability to include all elements as per an in-person event

Supporting customised and special feature requests for your event

Fully supported by humans at all times during your event

Tool for basic webinars, video calls and quick meetings

Give exposure to sponsors and exhibitors, including integrated exhibits



The Virtual event planning process is similar to conventional live events and instead of viewing it as a restricted version of an in-person event, the opportunities to do things not possible with in-person events should be explored. Here are a few considerations and tips
to help you succeed with your online event:

Realistic Timelines.  A high quality, more complex online event production can easily take multiple weeks, similar to an in-person event.

Platform.  Where is my event going to be hosted?  This will be the website that your attendees will log into. It should provide a secure branded environment, just like choosing the venue for your in-person event.

Production. Who is going to help me develop all the creative elements, handle technical production of each session and the live streaming thereof?

Look great. Consider booking a professional studio (or green screen studio if you are developing a virtual set environment), or ask your production company to send out a team to record off site / at a venue of your presenters choice.

Don’t get lost in gimmicks. Golden rule – keep the user experience simple and functional.  Focus on the key areas of their experience:  a branded portal with presentation view, presenter view and live chat / Q&A.

Build experiences.   Get the core functionality right, then strengthen the experience with networking, gamification, showcases, sponsor exposure when required.

Oops.  Live Event or Made to Look Live? The best advice would almost always be to pre-record and make your event look like a live event.  Pre-recording allows for complete content control, quality, delivery and added creativity.  Q&A and interview sessions can always be conducted live at the end of each session.

Session Formats.  Consider multiple options for different sessions during your event:

  • Single: One presenter or keynote speaker presenting
  • Dual Presentation: Two presenters can interact and offer different perspectives. Not necessarily from the same location.
  • Panel Discussion: Host a group of experts speaking on a specific topic.
  • Interview: An interview styled session (often with an influencer as a guest speaker)

    Event Host.  Use an Event Host to top and tail sessions and pull all the different elements of your event together.  An alternative to a human Event Host could be an intro & outro video or animation with each session.  This is a good time to explain the functionality of a session, how it will be run and to introduce the content.

    Humans.  Offer your speakers and attendees human support throughout your event.  They will feel more at ease and love you for it.

    coming soon: Confluence 3.1

    More upgrades making online events even simpler…  Stay tuned!

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